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Gemstone Worksurfaces

Stunning Recycled Worksurfaces

Gemstone is our 'eco' worksurface; made from 85% recycled crushed material- a combination of glass, shells and mirror that create a unique hardwearing surface in beautiful, exclusive designs.

With an 85% recycled content, the glass and mirror particles shine through, creating incredibly eye catching designs similar to re-engineered stone, while the shell particles provide a unique depth of detail. All raw materials are locally sourced and collected from restaurants and pubs, with shattered glass from the glazing industry and waste sea shells from fish processors. Even the coloured epoxy resin used in the surfacing material as the binding agent is non-toxic and non-emitting.

Key benefits? A highly decorative surface with the hardness of quartz that's resistant to water, mould and bacteria and easy to install without the need for templating. 

Why not view our Introduction to Gemstone Worksurfaces video for a brief introduction into this stunning product.