Key Information


An eye catching composition of beauty – Gemstone is a new, unique eco-friendly material manufactured in the UK using 85% recycled products. Post consumer glass, mirror and shells are bonded together with a solvent free epoxy resin to create a highly decorative surface with all the benefits of solid surface combined with the hardness of quartz.

Gemstone can offer complete flexibility of design choice. In addition to a stunning selection of standard designs you can create your own individual effects for larger projects.

As well as being both highly decorative and hard wearing Gemstone boasts many other inspiring characteristics, ideally suited for countless commercial applications

  - Innovative designs that ooze beauty and clarity

  - Renewable and repairable surface ensuring longevity in performance

  - Hygienic surface resistant to water, mould and bacteria – ideal for medical and food installations

  - Recycled material recipe provides an eco-friendly material option

  - Shapes and curves can be created for an overall moulded look

  - Qualifies under the current LEED criteria for recycled content

  - Opens new design opportunities for previously limited stone applications

  - Dry cutting for on-site installation


Please note darker colours are more likely to show scuffs and scraches, however, they can be repaired and sanded away with ease.