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Designed to look, feel and perform like stone, Zenith worktops are super tough and super stylish, with all the benefits of laminate - easy to move, cut, fit and maintain. The Magma worktop is a basalt stone design with realistic fine-grained pattern and a solid, waterproof black core so it looks like stone all the way through - ideal for accommodating flush undermount sinks and engraved drainer grooves.

Magma Roche M113-RO Zenith Countertops
Zenith Magma Roche is a compact laminate worktop designed to reflect nature. Its roche finish enhances the uneven patterns of a stone worktop, with an uneven texture that also hints at natural stone, but she sleek black core and 12.5mm profile emphasises the contemporary.

Zenith worktops by Wilsonart UK are the original compact laminate. Our super slim, compact laminate worktop is changing the landscape of kitchen design and specification. Zenith compact worktops are super versatile - they're 12.5mm thin with a solid core and 100% waterproof. That means Zenith is perfect for:

• Incorporating curves; a solid core allows for cutting feature shapes
• Undermount sink installation; Zenith is waterproof, so just add drainer grooves
• Matching, custom built shelves: double sided decors on all Zenith worktops make it perfect for open plan shelving
• Creating the whole look: add matching upstands and splashbacks

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