Create a dream interior with the Wilsonart UK Visualiser.

Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it, our fantastic visualiser tool can help you do just that! You can visualise our range of surface materials and designs applied in real life environments, from worksurfaces within the residential kitchen spaces to countertops in a commercial retail space. 

It also offers the flexibility to change aesthetic elements to create the perfect design that you can save, print and share. Why not let the Wilsonart visualiser help inspire your next project!

Read the step by step guide below or click here to get started!

Example kitchen and bathroom projects created with the Wilsonart UK Visualiser.


It's simple

1. Choose from the selection of kitchen, bathroom or commercial spaces

2. Select your surface preference - whether that be Laminate or Gemstone

3. Apply your surface profile edge preference (not available on all products) 

4. Customize your cabinet finish, floor and wall colour

Once it's complete, share it with your social media community or print it for further reference.

Whatever you do, it's yours!