POLYREY - Mercedes Showroom - Spain

The LOUZAO Mercedes showroom in Vigo, Spain shows off the finish of its furnishings through the curved design of the tables and their harmonious contrast. The furnishings breathe life into this upmarket commercial project that combines aesthetics and technical performance.

Grupo Malasa, the furniture manufacturer, chose to combine the deep matt black with a metallic finish, showcasing the relationship with light and subtleties of each material.

The absorption of light by the Noir Touch decor underlines the velvety texture of this anti-fingerprint finish and accentuates the brushed aspect of the Alu Brossé decor.


Sector: Commercial, Retail

Products : High Pressure Laminate - Monochrom HPL - Pur Métal

Compact Laminate - Monochrom Compact

Fitter: Grupo Malasa

Photographer: Paco Rocha

Decors: N005 Noir Touch, A905 Alu Brosse