• Wilsonart Marbre Veneto In a Food Blogger's Dream Workspace

    Food blogger and DIY enthusiast Vikkie Lee chose a Wilsonart laminate worktop for photogenic style and hardwearing practicality.

  • Zoning Homes with Broken Plan Kitchen Design

    The natural evolution to open-plan living, broken plan kitchens embrace wide open living space, but incorporate clever zoning

  • Decor of the Week: Marbre Veneto

    A spotlight on the trend potential of white marble decor, Marbre Veneto.

  • Decor of the Week: Mississippi Pine

    This week's focus is on Mississippi Pine, a mid-brown planked timber perfectly suited to Scandi-inspired kitchen design.

  • Decor of the Week: Lave

    This week's focus is on Lave, a cloudy charcoal inspired by volcanic rock with a textured roche finish.

  • Decor of the Week: Romantic Walnut

    Spotlight on Romantic Walnut, a warm planked timber effect laminate ideal for modern biophilic design.

  • Decor of the Week: Marmo Bianco

    A Torrano marble with grey veining - this week's trend focus is on Marmo Bianco.

  • Decor of the Week: Tectonica

    A realistic concrete laminate, soft enough to make industrial themes work for 2020 kitchen design.

  • Decor of the Week: Silver Oak

    Silver Oak is our decor of the week; designed to look like natural wood with a grey wash.

  • Decor of the Week: Chaux Sablee Fizzy

    Chaux Sablee Fizzy, a metallic-flecked concrete, injects a subtle glamour into industrial inspired kitchens.

  • Decor of the Week: Marbre Sirocco

    Marbre Sirocco is a moody grey marble with realistic, swooping veins - a soft contrast in masculine interiors.

  • Decor of the Week: Chene Brasero

    A dark, wood-effect laminate with matt, lined finish for a realistic texture.