Scorpio PM280-PEB Earthstone Countertops

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With an Earthtone worktop in Scorpio, get the look of a red granite worktop with all the benefits of laminate. A rich terracotta shade with brown and cream flecks, Scorpio Earthstone mimics the nuances of a natural stone worktop and is cool to the touch. Earthstone worktops by Wilsonart UK perfectly bridge the gap between laminate and granite - a work surface that's sleek and stylish with the appearance of natural stone, and engineered to meet the everyday demands of the kitchen. Unlike other laminate worktops, Earthstone worksurfaces are renewable and repairable, non-porous which makes them resistant to stains and bacteria, and easy to fit with inconspicuous joints for a seamless, custommade look. Learn more by downloading our information pack, or input your post code to find your nearest Wilsonart UK Earthstone retailer.